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20 May 2007



I wonder what your ancestors Leibniz and Whitehead would have thought of your project.

I wonder if you agree with their presuppositions; particularly those of say, a Leibnizian would have in answering this question. They too used their contemporamous mathematical models to construct an account of the universe. A most admirable project


Hello Barnaby,

I'm not sure I understand how you get to these results (and I don't think I'm meant to, given the information), but to pick up on one point:

By eliminating constant and cyclic universes, it seems like you're eliminating any deterministic finite-space universes. Assuming determinism is a desired feature, we must be working with an infinite-space universe.

I'd be interested to know some time (verbally will be easiest...) the full theory here...


By the way, I like the irony of making people enter a Captcha to comment on a blog about AI...

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