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27 October 2007



What a fascinating, yet terrifying world you propose. What will we desire in such a world?

Maybe the desire to become more intellectual and solve problems can help us through this question, but perhaps there is a lot more that we seek. What of love, tenderness, the feeling of dominating others?

Our lives will be very different in this world. Economics is perhaps the best way to depict this world, but not to understand it.

I think many people will fear your Brave New World, and for that, they will seek to oppose it.


Barnaby Dawson

To hazzard a guess I think people will desire intellectual property (music, dance, film, novels etc.) and computational space (more room for your programs to run in). I do think that emotions will exist in such a world (indeed I think they would be much more complex and deep then human emotions). There are reasons for the existence of emotions (another blog post) and these reasons would still apply imho. Love itself seems to me very likely to survive this transition. I agree that such a world is likely to be strongly opposed. The economics though make it virtually certain that it will happen.

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