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09 January 2008



What an interesting post, Magister. I think its brave to deal with such a difficult issue.

The case of pornography is very interesting. My friend; lets call him Altti, who is a fervent consumer of pornography. What we find in a lot of pornography is a fundamentally ingrained sexism (and racism).

Did you know, for instance, that porn stars get less of a reputation if they work with a black man? It's bizarre!

Also; what is desirable in mainstream (and beyond) pornography is a very much impersonal and overtly apathetic sexual attitude whereby there is no gentility; sentimentality; cultivation of feeling; it is mere sense without concept.

Despite this, there are trends against normal conceptions of beauty; suicidegirls, female-oriented pornography, the increased amount of non-male-oriented homosexual pornography (Cf. Audacia Ray's publications). Even in mainstream stuff; there is an increased amount of unconventional beauties;

My point is this. Some issues, such as pornography are endemically sexist (and racist for that matter). A similar point is this; the sexist values we hold are propagated throughout the internet; especially because it is unregulated (I'm not suggesting for a moment that we should regulate the internet, here...).

How is the perception of women promoted on the world wide web? Look at a myspace profile; a youtube video that involves young women; popular internet shock sites...these are fundamentally sexist.

These are all difficult issues.

Antisophie (F)

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