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17 August 2008


Jon Pretty

This might be a bit tangential, but in light of point C, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the insurance industry (particularly car insurance), which offers the same service (I'll clarify this) to different people at different prices determined by factors such as their age and gender.

But is it the same service? Statistically, women drivers have fewer accidents than men, and hence the insurance company would expect to have to pay out less per year (on average) for a woman than for a man. But that doesn't mean they're offering a different service: when you take out insurance, you agree a fixed-term contract that the insurance company will reimburse you for every claim you make for the duration of the contract, and the service provided does not differ from person to person.

The current discriminatory system is reasonably practical, but I'm not sure it's fair.

Barnaby Dawson

Interesting point Jon. Its quite complicated when you get into it and a proper response would be the subject of another post. Indeed it just might be!

However, I'll have a go. I think it is discriminatory to have differing premiums for men and women car drivers. Indeed it seems to be a quite clear cut case because all drivers must have car insurance [so you won't run into problems by discouraging women from getting car insurance].

For age discrimination I can't express my opinion clearly in a comment sorry. The same goes for gender discrimination outside of the relatively easy case of car insurance.

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